Slaughterhouse Road/ Salamander: Self-released, 1989

7 Jul

Roger Ewalt from Freeport, IL used to come into Appletree Records and slip me a few of these singles after recording with both Steve Albini and Butch Vig. The music amounts to thick and murky loose-knit jams with Dan Hobson from Killdozer. 25 years later, it’s better than 75% of Amphetamine Reptile’s catalog. Slow and seditious, like a load of bricks sinking in sludge, this total sleeper has a powerful presence in the vein of Tar and feels like impromptu noise by guys who like beers and thudding, creepy beats. This is for the Your Flesh/psychotronic/transgressive film folks. Ah, the salad days of brutish Midwest poetry.


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