An Archive Interview with Jeff Mooridian from Vaz and Hammerhead!

6 Jun

vazimageThe Sound of Ether and Lightning:  A Chat with Jeff Mooridian from Vaz and Hammerhead

Why did the band end up putting out the new record “The Lie…” on Narnack, the quasi-home of the Fall, Guitar Wolf, Coachwhips, and many others, instead of Sonny’s hall of fame noise imprint Gold Standard Laboratories? And what about Loaded, where even the owner confesses that,“We all have sales that Polyvinyl wouldn’t cross the street to piss on.” Should we read this as a marketing movement extraordinaire, or simply a,”Hey, let’s try something new” approach?

No particular reason, other than proximity and, well to be honest, money fronted to record. GSL isn't associated with one style of music is it? Nor is Load either. Both are a little out there, especially Load, and most of it is in the rockish world. But there is a lot of variety within each, I think. Narnack comparatively is chock full of variety, which suits me just fine. I 've had enough of that pigeonhole nonsense.  I remember one time, back in the Hammerhead days, we were playing Jabberjaw in L.A. and a certain member of a flash-in-the-pan band stood in front of the stage and frowned the entire time. I think he frowned before we even started playing. He came there wanting to hate us. I couldn't believe it. I felt kinda helpless. It's like we became a repository for his self-loathing and insecurities...Then again, maybe we sucked (ha ha...I don't think so though). Also, as far as putting out records with another label. It's kinda nice to meet and work with new people, especially if you can rub elbows with ‘em in the same city. Shahin has been very positive, and we're always up for something new...Plus, I like a lot of the bands on the label... I especially like Yellow Swans and Aa. but really, in short, I don't give much credence to this label or that, just whether they are nice people and maybe they can help us out a bit...

To read the full interview, visit Left of the Dial here.


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