Articles of Faith No. 25

8 Sep
articles_of_faith_circa_1980s_courtesy_of_alternative_tentacles-10_topFor decades, I have been an ardent fan of Vic Bondi, driven in part by DIY cassette copies of the early singles of Articles of Faith hand-delivered to me by my older brother who haunted Chicago’s seedy punk clubs. Bondi always continues to impress me with his musical chops, incisive intelligence, and work ethic — keeping his faith in underground music even as others derail due to jadedness, boredom, and apathy. As my intro to our new interview in Razorcake reads: “Articles Of Faith unleashed a dizzyingly coordinated and rhythmic three-guitar attack, literate lyrics that embraced sheer poetry as well as the anger of underground America, and a bracing, flexible hardcore style that still feels pertinent and prescient. Singer Vic Bondi continues to pack such ferocity, commitment to contemporary issues (like problematic military drone campaigns, “psychopathic patriots,” and environmental damage), and a boiling sense of urgency on his newest solo outing Primary.” To check out our detailed interview, see here!

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