Rockford Punk History Book Release Party!

11 Nov


Punk Then, Punk Now, Punk Forever: Documenting DIY CultureKate’s Pie Shop Cafe & Records Nov. 19, 7pm – Free Event
A meet, greet, and discussion with native Rockford rocker Keelan McMorrow and authors David Ensminger (editor for this site, also raised in Rockford) and Daniel Makagon — two “academics/punkademics” who explore and document the DIY scene of punk rock. The three will discuss punk history, their own involvement throughout the decades, DIY culture, and future issues, like chronicling scenes in a digital era that may lack traditional zines, flyers, and records.

ALSO: SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE BY THE RE-UNITED LEGENDS MULLIGAN STU: a top-notch local pop-punk unit that released several records and toured in the 1990s.

Ensminger’s Out of the Basement “emits in vigorous detail the lineaments of the sweat-drenched musical underground nestled in his rock hard hometown… sense impressions combine with slices of scholarly reflection and the author’s own energy and timeless enthusiasm.” — Denise Sullivan.

Keelan McMorrow is a Chicago-based artist, musician, and writer. Born in Rockford, Illinois, Keelan cut his adolescent teeth on the punk rock, art and zine cultures of his hometown’s local scene, forming bands (The Stellas, Egan’s Rats), booking shows, and drawing, pasting, printing, and copying an endless barrage of posters and flyers. A self-taught painter, Keelan has produced work for private collections and large companies, essentially transforming DIY methodology into a viable career construct. He still does punk rock for free, writing columns for Chicago’s punk quarterly No Friends, and until late performing, touring, and recording for Population, an austere post-punk quintet.

Daniel Makagon’s Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows published by Microcosm “explores the culture of DIY spaces like house shows and community-based music spaces, their impact on underground communities and economies…” As associate professor at DePaul University, he teaches and researches urban communication, documentary, music culture, guerrilla art, and democracy. He edits the City Series for Liminalities too.

David Ensminger writes for Razorcake and the Houston Press and teaches at Lee College in Texas. He has authored six books covering both American roots music and punk rock history, including Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2011) and Left of the Dial: Conversations with Punk Icons (PM Press, 2013), and Out of the Basement (Microcosm). His new The Politics of Punk analyzes radical music, social justice, community building, and punk philanthropy.


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