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New Bomb Turks No. 8, Columbus No. 9

18 Jan
Hulahoop, New Bombs Turks, and Prisonshake at Bernie's in Columbus

Hulahoop, New Bombs Turks, and Prisonshake at Bernie’s in Columbus


Columbus No. 7, Necros No. 29

23 Dec
Minutemen and Necros at Stache's

Minutemen and Necros at Stache’s

Gaunt No. 2, Columbus No. 9

3 Feb

Gaunt "Sob Story" CD, Crypt No. 51

Columbus No. 8, Painful Discharge No. 1

18 Jul

7 Seconds, Murphy's Law, and Painful Discharge at IP Lounge in Columbus

Columbus No. 7

20 Jun

Asshole Parade, Suppression, Resin, John Bender, and Inept at Legion of Doom Compound 9 July 1997

Columbus No. 6

19 Jun

More Than Music Fest 1997 in Columbus with Resin, Nema, Spazz, Code 13, AL8, Acrid, and more

Columbus No. 5

21 May

Mouthpiece and Cornerstone at Stache's