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Dillinger 4 No. 9

10 Dec

Dillinger 4 / The Strike “The Rebel’s Choice” split 7″, lyric sheet, Doing It For the Kids, 1995

Rockford No. 38!

8 Jul
Dillinger 4, Impetus Inter, and Mulligan Stu at The Pit by B-Tardo, provided by Amy Byrne-Henderson

Dillinger 4, Impetus Inter, and Mulligan Stu at The Pit by B-Tardo, provided by Amy Byrne-Henderson

Dillinger 4 No. 8

23 Jun

Dillinger 4 at The Underworld in London, UK, 8 June 2002

Louisville No. 1, Dillinger 4 No. 6

9 Jan

Krazyfest Fest 6, sponsored by Initial Records, at Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY, 1-3 Aug. 2003

Dillinger 4 No. 5, Interview with Dillinger 4!

24 Dec

The Proven Path of Old School Hardcore: Dillinger 4
by Balazs Sarkadi

Originally published in Left of the Dial

After you had decided to leave Lookout Records, you talked to Fat
Wreck and Epitaph as well. Why did you choose Fat? Was it partly because 
Epitaph signed Dillinger Escape Plan who you certainly not want to be
confused with?

We left Hopeless records. Fat and Epitaph are both good labels, but we’re
working mostly on weight gain these days. We’ve reached nearly 1000 lbs
 between the four of us, and we figured Fat would be more supportive when we
get to the point where we can barely make it onstage anymore.

John Dillinger was a famous bankrobber from the 1930s in the Midwest
area, where you come from. Why did you choose this name for the band?

Yes, the Midwest thing played a part in it. Also, Dillinger died in Chicago in
the alley almost next door to the record shop where Paddy and I bought many
of our first punk records. We’re both from Chicago. Dillinger also spent a
great deal of time in my neighborhood in St. Paul. There was a deal with the
cops here for all those underworld figures at the time. They agreed not to
pull any shit in St. Paul, and the cops agreed not to haul them in for stuff
they did elsewhere. He was also supposedly hung like a horse.

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Dillinger Four (4) No. 3

9 May

Dillinger 4 at Korn in Hannover, Germany 21 June 2002

Dillinger Four (4) No. 2

26 Mar

Dillinger 4 in Pittsburgh, PA by Drew


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