Necros (On Tour) No. 38

10 Aug

Necros at Rock Theatre in Seattle, WA


Lawrence No. 2

4 Aug

SNFU, Mad Parade, Jim Jones and the Kool-Ade Kids, and Big Toe at the Outhouse in Lawrence, KS, mid-1980s

Die Kreuzen (On Tour) No. 58

3 Aug

Die Kreuzen and Boy Dirt Car at Prisms, Chandler, AZ

Punk Women by site editor out now!

30 Jul

Punk Women is OUT! A labor of love featuring key Midwest acts like Sarge and Laughing Hyenas! 13.00 ppd., anywhere in the U.S. (2 for 20.00), Paypal, Money Order, etc. Wholesale prices for outlets, distros too. An incredible array of acts! Email:

Ashrash No. 4

29 Jul

Ashrash, Profane Existence, Fall 1995, No. 26

Minneapolis No. 77

25 Jul

Guitar Wolf and Magnatone at Turf Club in Minneapolis, MN

Milwaukee No. 17

23 Jul

Lunkhead, the Luscious Ones, and The Rob Jobs at Quarters in Milwaukee, from Maximum RocknRoll No. 147, Aug. 1995